I am one of those parents who worried excessively about leaving our little boy in the care of others. 

Sure, the staff might be competent, but a child needs more, much more: a child needs love, by the bucket. It turns out that's what Taiyo found at Creekview: incredibly loving (and extremely competent) people who expanded his world. 

Now Taiyo has graduated and he and I drop off his brother Kai at Creekview in the morning. It feels like we're visiting family. 

April 2018

Marjo and Tony

We feel very fortunate our daughter got to spend two years at Creekview with so many dedicated and experienced staff. Barbara and her team have created a loving and safe environment filled with play and education. Ella has learned, explored, created, connected and grew stronger. We loved seeing all the crafts she would bring home as well as the proud look on her face when showing them off. She had so much fun that on most days it was difficult getting her to leave! We couldn't have dreamt of a better place for her to spend these years and consider Creekview part of our family.

August 2018


coming soon...."Creekview has been the most wonderful place for my son, who attended the centre for a year and a half. From the minute we started, the staff have been attentive, caring beyond belief, and kind. Their big 'hellos' that they give him each morning set the tone for a wonderful day. He has learned so much from attending Creekview. He brings home amazing art projects, sings songs that he has learned, and tells me all about the adventure walks he goes on. He has made great friends that we now also see outside of daycare too. As a mother, all I wanted was to find a daycare that took good care of my son. Creekview has truly made my son, and our family, feel like part of an extended family. The staff go out of their way to make each kid feel special, and the parents too. I cannot recommend this daycare more highly, and I am already counting the days until my daughter is able to enrol."

March 2018


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