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Children need the LOVE of parents, family and caregivers, which is the first and most important condition for healthy, happy all around development and a good self-esteem. Demonstrative love, in the form of lots of positive feedback, praise and a hug is essential.

A good quality routine is important so that they feel secure and know what is expected of them. A good routine should include nutritious meals and snacks, rest and sleep periods, outdoor play or walks, indoor play with a variety of stimulating materials, good physical care, training in personal hygiene, e.g. Toilet training, washing of hands before meals, etc… and opportunities for becoming increasingly independent and self-reliant.

Companionship of their own peers is important, especially after the first 2 years when social development is beginning, along with consistent discipline.

Stimulating surroundings, toys, books, music and outings all contribute to their intellectual development.




The teachers at Creekview collaboratively work to create a warm, happy, relaxed child-oriented environment. They use many strategies to minimize negative behaviour and to encourage appropriate behaviour. 

The Toddler years are a time of learning many new skills. They particularly have to learn how to share and socialize appropriately with friends. Unfortunately, in order to learn these skills they often exhibit negative behaviour such as pushing, hitting, and even biting. These are very normal behaviour from toddlers. The role of the teacher and parents is to teach them what is socially acceptable and for the children to recognize that the negative behaviour is not a way to get attention.

Unacceptable behaviour is dealt with in a quiet calm, personalized way. The behaviour and not the child as an individual are discussed. The child has an acknowledged right to his or her feelings, though s/he may be asked to express them in a more socially acceptable way.

The approach taken by staff will be to:

· Redirect the child to a new activity or play area

· Offer a limited choice of activities

· Allow the child, when appropriate to experience the natural consequences of his/her actions.

The children are given the opportunity to take responsibility, make decisions, solve their own problems and conflicts within reasonable limits, to experience the natural consequences of their actions.




Creekview Daycare teachers have been selected for their abilities and experience to provide quality care for your children age 18months to 3 years. The staff meets or exceeds the requirements of the Licensing Board.