As the Program includes outdoor play and many other activities it is important for you to call if your child will be absent. Please call Creekview Daycare at (604-742-0212) to notify the teachers that your child will not be attending.



We hope your child will not become ill, nevertheless, this may happen. It is important that you plan for your child’s care if they have to stay home. Please do not bring a sick child to the center. It is unfair to him/her and to the other children and staff. We request your cooperation with the center’s Sick Policy. If a child becomes sick during the day the staff will make the child as comfortable as possible, but cannot administer medication. Parents are expected to pick up the child from the center as soon as possible.

Prescription medication can be administered by the staff provided it comes in the original container, clearly marked with the dosage on the pharmacy label. Medication must be handed personally to a staff member and a permission form signed. The staff member who gives the child his/her medication will initial the medication form.

Food Policy/Birthdays

Mealtimes are a happy, social time. Staff sits with the children and encourages the children to eat. Creekview serves a variety of foods that the children are interested in. Children must eat at the tables inside and outside. Children are encouraged to clean up after themselves; for example they pick up their dishes and give it to the teacher. Please ensure that the staff is up to date with any food allergies or sensitivities.

Snacks and Lunches are provided by the daycare and consist of atleast 2 to 3 food groups. We occasionally have cakes and other treats for birthdays and special days.

Available anytime during the day. We only serve water during the day

Morning Snack 


Staff will help children to wash hands, find a space at the table and sit down for snack

Children are served with a variety of snacks.


Staff members sit at the table and encourage children to eat.

Children are offered their main meal first. 

After their main course, children will be offered yogurt/cheese/dessert.

Afternoon Snack


Children are offered a variety of snacks

Staff member sits at the table and encourages children to eat.


 Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s birthday by suppling a cake or we will bake a cake with the children if the ingredients are provided.