Creekview Daycare offers an exciting program of activities for your child. Our room is set up in different areas; we have a house corner for dramatic play, a book area, block corner and a multipurpose area. 

Each month we issue the Creekview Daycare Lunch Menu with the theme of the month and a calendar of events. The children’s activities in the playroom include play dough, art, story time and even cooking. The children occasionally make their own snacks.

When the children arrive at the center they are free to choose where they would like to play. The playroom is open for their exploration and activities will be offered at this time. For example, if your child would like to play with the trucks and cars he/she may do so for as long as they are interested during this free playtime. The staff facilitates the children’s play by setting up “play stations” around the room. Play stations may include House Play including, dress up, dolls, dishes and kitchen props. Art activities including painting felt pens, crayons and play dough or quiet activities including puzzles and books. Staff observes the children and may extend their play by adding props or putting away discarded items and bringing out additional activities. Staff will guide the children and head off conflicts before they happen. 


Daily Schedule



8:00.    Centre opens

8:15-9:45   Free play/art activities/music and dance

10:00      Morning circle time – songs, books, finger games, science activities

10:15     Snack

10:30     Outside play

11:45       Lunch


12:15    Quiet time: book reading/puzzles

1:00 – 3:15    Nap time

3:30     Afternoon circle time – songs, books, finger games, science activities

3:45      Afternoon snack

4:00     Outside play

5:00      Pick-up time

5:30      Centre closes


Our Space


Creekview Tiny Tots Sociey has over 1500 square feet of indoor space with specific areas devoted to:


Book corner

Fine motor skills

Large motor skills

Multipurpose area

Dramatic play 

We also have a large outdoor playground.